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Spring Cleaning for Home Safety

Spring Cleaning for Home Safety

Spring Cleaning 


Spring Cleaning for Home Safety

The flowers start blooming, the birds are singing, and you can finally open your windows for some fresh air.  While we all may be familiar with the standard spring cleaning checklist, what about Spring Cleaning for Home Safety?  Here are a few reminders to bring your house safely out of the winter blues.

  •         Deep clean your dryer.  You probably clean your lint trap after every load, but what about the lint that’s accumulating inside your dryer that you can’t see?  FIRST, unplug your dryer and pull it away from the wall.  You can use your hose attachment to vacuum the lint trap inlet and vent pipe as well as underneath the dryer.  Wipe down the dryer and wash the lint filter with dish soap and water if it appears clogged.
  •         Replace your furnace filter.  It’s recommended to replace your furnace filter every six months and a good schedule to fall into is during the spring and fall.  While doing this go ahead and vacuum up any dust or debris that has accumulated around the furnace as this may be flammable.  Also, don’t forget to have your furnace tuned up annually!  A professional inspection can detect any cracks in the heat exchange that could potentially release carbon monoxide into your home.
  •         Inspect and maintain your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Dusting them with a dry cloth will decrease the dust buildup.  Also, checking the test button and replacing batteries.  Double check the expiration dates as well and replace the whole unit if it’s expired.
  •         Inspect for mold.  This is especially true in bathrooms and kitchens.  If you are able to check in the attic as well.  If mold is left to spread, it can cause serious respiratory health problems.  You can clean mold with bleach, but make sure to find the cause of the mold and have any issues repaired.
  •         Schedule a chimney inspection.  If your house has a fireplace you should have it inspected and swept annually.  This simple practice can prevent fires, carbon monoxide accidents and structural problems.
  •         Do a general visual inspection of your home.  Take a walk around the outside and inside and look for anything out of the normal.  On the outside look for new cracks, moisture stains, peek at your gutters, tree branches that may over hang on your house.  On the inside again look for cracks, moisture stains, check extension cords and fire extinguishers to ensure they are not expired.

Spring cleaning is not just pulling out the cleaner and broom, it’s taking the time to ensure your home is safe as well.  Spring cleaning is a big job, but owning a safe home will give you piece of mind.

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